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Freecycle is Evil

Where were you when Deron Beal failed us?

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Freecycle, which was so successful by using free Yahoo Groups to spread
the word worldwide, has left the grassroots concept. The founder,
Deron Beal, decided all on his own, to get a sponsor. It turns out, he
wanted to quit his job and parlay this freecycle "gig" into a business
for himself and a select few.

Without any input from the *thousands* of freecycle group owners,
moderators, and members, he secured the sponsorship of the notorious
Waste Management, Inc. which has not only a less than stellar history,
but seems to be the poster child for an anti-freecycle movement ally.

Along with this, Deron had passed a few "laws" along the way. He
decided that every freecycle group should appoint him as co-owner. If
the freecycle owner did not agree, he removed their link from
freecycle.org and told them to change the name of their group. If they
did not or did not do it quickly enough, he had a woman named Emily
contact someone in charge of Yahoo Groups to shut that group down.

He claims to have ownership of the freecycle word/name. In truth, he
filed three months after a company in Florida, for the
name "freecycle". In trying to override the first applicant, Deron has
told all freecycle group owners to place a SM or TM after the
word "freecycle" and to never use it as a verb, adverb or adjective as
he did himself just a few months ago. EG: Happy Freecycling! etc.

He has said that if he has to, he will sue the first applicant for use
of the word.

It goes downhill from there...


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